Le Consulat Restaurant
Photo by Britchi Mirela
La Rou Village - A must see location!

Revolutionizing Interactions

Increase customer retention with our image mapping activities.

Endless Possibilities

BrandMapz is a cloud-based marketing platform that allows retailers, small businesses,
content creators, and major brands to provide content viewers with a rich experience
in the context of the media being viewed.

Highlight several areas of an image. Using the mapping technology, viewers will be drawn to exactly what you want them to see and then provide them with a direct link to where they can get more information.

Our cloud based technology allows you to access the BrandMapz tool instantly and quickly run campaigns. The quicker you can get the content out, the quicker your company can start seeing the results.

Users have the ability to track multiple campaigns at once. The BrandMapz analytics dashboard allows for both an overview of click history and a breakdown of every image that has been distributed to users.

How It Works

The process is simple. Your creativity will speak to your viewers like never before

Upload Content

Upload videos and images to your BrandMapz portal

BrandMap It

Map key areas of your content and assign actions such as buy, like, tweet, etc.


Publish your mapped content to viewers

Track Rich Analytics

Track buys, likes, shares and recommendations for each mapped area

BrandMapz is Interactive

Easily promote desired audience behaviors such as buy, like, and share.

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BrandMapz is Revolutionizing the Web

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